The programme was initiated by Sevak Mkrtchyan (University of Rochester, USA), Michael Poghosyan (YSU and AUA, Armenia), Grigor Sargsyan (Rutgers University, USA),  Armen Shirikyan (CY Cergy Paris University, France) and Anush Tserunyan (McGill University, Canada), in partnership with Institute of Mathematics NAS Armenia.

The purpose of the summer programme is twofold: to initiate undergraduate students into research in (applied) mathematics and to develop a general culture of writing scientific texts, which includes typing them in LaTeX.  Having an experience in doing research will help students in the choice of their future careers, and the writing culture is indispensable for anyone working in the fields of mathematics, physics, computer science, and other related subjects. The programme will allow students of different faculties/universities to get to know each other and to work together under the supervision of Armenian scientists from the Diaspora. Another outcome of the programme will be the establishment of contacts between the scientists and students based in Armenia and some top level foreign universities.

The students will be working together 8 hours a day, five days a week, starting from June 29. The programme will last for 8 weeks, and the students will be given a certificate upon its successful completion. All the students will be awarded a scholarship for the 2-month period of their work.

Every day the students will follow a one-hour lecture in the morning, after which they will be given assignments. The students will then work on their tasks by themselves, resolving the problems and typing the solutions in English using LaTeX. They will present their solutions during the tutorial sessions in the afternoon. The students work will be supervised by Dr. Sevak Mkrtchyan (University of Rochester, USA), Dr. Armen Shirikyan (CY Cergy Paris University, France), and Dr. Anush Tserunyan (McGill University, Canada).  They will be assisted by one or two Armenia-based young scientists.

All the courses and research work will take place at the Institute of Mathematics.